Government Is Calling French-speaking Skilled Workers to Canada

Francophone immigration is vital for Canada’s national identity and economic growth. To strengthen Francophone minority communities, Canada is ramping up efforts to welcome French-speaking skilled workers from outside Quebec.

Canada’s government announced the commencement of 2024 Express Entry rounds this month. These rounds target prospective candidates with specific work experience or proficient French language skills for permanent residence.

Through category-based selection, Canada aims to attract more professionals to communities nationwide, addressing labour shortages and bolstering economic prosperity.

In November, IRCC set ambitious targets for Francophone immigrant admissions, aiming for 6% in 2024, 7% in 2025, and 8% in 2026. Additionally, January 2024 saw the introduction of the Policy on Francophone Immigration and its Implementation Plan, designed to support the vitality and growth of Francophone minority communities.

One key aspect of the Implementation Plan is prioritizing  French-speaking candidates with strong language skills in Express Entry. This underscores Canada’s commitment to the economic development of Francophone communities outside Quebec.

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