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My parents taught me: “When there’s no door, build a door.”

 – Mohammed Anwar, CEO

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"I came to Canada as a refugee with nothing but dreams."

 – M. Anwar

Mohammed Anwar

We understand the difficulties involved in beginning a new life in a foreign country here. Despite facing numerous hurdles, our founder Anwar remained dedicated to achieving his goals. He ultimately gained triumph as an entrepreneur and established a flourishing enterprise.

Anwar’s drive to establish Merit Immigration is beyond making money as he aimed to contribute to society by assisting individuals in discovering their potential. Having personally experienced the challenges refugees and immigrants face, he is determined to utilize all available resources to alleviate their transition into a new society.

Anwar has made a significant contribution to the lives of numerous individuals by assisting them in settling down in a foreign land and building a new existence. His acts of kindness and generosity have made him a prominent personality within Canadian society, acknowledged for his benevolent nature. We strive to continue Anwar’s vision through Merit Immigration by creating a platform that offers free services and connects you with the right professionals. As a platform designed by immigrants for immigrants, we fully commit ourselves to assisting and supporting you through your journey.

Merit Services is a corporation dedicated to assisting people in finding work in Canada. Merit Services provides job placement services, career counselling, and other resources to help individuals achieve their professional goals, whether they are new immigrants or long-term residents. M. Anwar’s company has assisted countless people in finding stable, well-paying jobs and establishing successful careers in Canada.

Merit Safeguard, on the other hand, is a security services company that provides a wide range of security solutions for individuals and businesses across Canada. From birthday parties to construction sites, Merit Safeguard offers customized security services tailored to the unique needs of each client. With a team of highly trained security professionals, Merit Safeguard has become a trusted partner for individuals and businesses looking to keep themselves and their assets safe.

Merit Immigration is a platform built by immigrants for immigrants to help them achieve success in their new country. The platform boasts a database of service providers that can help a worldwide audience with all its needs. You can find the right verified professional to fit your needs and budget. Our platform is designed to cater to immigrants by providing them with a marketplace to find service providers with various skills and qualifications.

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