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Our objective is to provide domestic students with beneficial services that enable them to tread their academic paths with confidence. If you require help in selecting the appropriate program, finding an internship, co-op or a job, acquiring scholarships, or locating housing for students, our purpose is to provide you with expert guidance. Our proficiency in providing educational assistance ensures students have an effortless and smooth experience throughout their academic journey. Unlock your potential and achieve your goals by utilizing our reliable services. Begin a remarkable educational adventure with us today.

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We support local students by offering them resources to locate appropriate housing, manage their finances, handle legal matters, advance their careers, and enhance their student life experience.


Our services not only provide academic assistance but also contribute to personal growth, promoting all-around development and facilitating the thriving of domestic students in all areas of their college or university life.


We provide personalized guidance to local students, acknowledging their specific objectives, to support them throughout their academic journey.


We aim to deliver an ample selection of resources to students in the area, such as academic material, research archives, and career-building resources.

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Our Settlement Services

A variety of useful services for all individuals, especially immigrants, domestic and international students.

Domestic Students

Get a Designated Agent to cater to all your needs.

Jobs, Internships, Co-ops

Add Ons:
Tutorials on How to build a strong LinkedIn profile

Essay/Report Writing Tips
Workshop on Email Writing Etiquette

Add Ons:
Core Language Skills (French)

Education about Leasing and Rental Agreement

Add Ons:
 Workshop on House Hunting 101
 Workshop on Do’s and Don’t While Renting/Leasing

Information about Banking Services
✓ Do’s and Don’t of Filing Income tax

Add On:
Tutorials on Rights and Responsibilities as a new resident

Immigration Updates and News
Professional Branding Tips

Add On:
Personal and Professional Networking Event Alerts

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Yes, our platform also offers a marketplace where you can find reliable, regulated immigration consultants from all across Canada. They can help you with your visa applications and immigration processes.

Absolutely, our sister companies Merit Services and Merit Safeguard specialize in recruitment and security solutions. They are industry experts who can help you find the right job. With our subscription plan, you can avail this feature for free.

We provide assistance and assets to aid foreign students in coping with homesickness or difficulties adapting to a new culture. The team is committed to creating a nurturing atmosphere where students can easily access resources such as counselling services, peer support groups, and cultural assimilation programs, ensuring they adapt well and flourish in unfamiliar settings.

Certainly! We recognize that different academic fields have specific requirements and career paths. We provide tailored services to meet the distinct needs of international students pursuing particular academic fields or career goals. Our specialists can advise on the latest developments in the industry, chances to connect with others in the field, opportunities for work experience, and other resources relevant to their selected area.

Absolutely! Our platform boasts a variety of verified realtors that can help you find suitable housing or student accommodations at your preferred location.

Certainly, the recruitment process is the expertise of our affiliated company, Merit Services. They possess specialized knowledge in the industry and are adept at assisting you in identifying the most suitable job position. By subscribing to our Merit Concierge plan, you can avail this feature.

Certainly! We understand the importance of grasping efficient learning strategies, using time productively, and achieving outstanding academic performance. We strive to provide resources and support to foster the development of important skills. Subscribe to Merit Concierge Plan or Book a free meeting today to learn how we can help you.

Our team can help you find your way through the intricate systems of scholarship and funding options. Through our subscription plan, students can access information about scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities within the country.

Our services cover all the aspects of settling in Canada, and we provide extensive assistance to families new to the country. We offer tailored settlement arrangements, aid with paperwork, resources to orient oneself with the community, and access to key resources like housing, financial services, healthcare and much more.

Our platform also has a marketplace where you can find realtors from all across Canada. You can pick from a variety of realtors based on your preference. These realtors will help you find housing. We also have resources to help you secure essential services like banking and healthcare.

Yes, we provide language assistance and educational courses for immigrant families. We recognize the significance of having a good command of language to communicate and integrate effectively. We offer language instruction, materials, and cultural events to enhance your proficiency in English or French.

Yes, our platform offers many resources on these topics. By subscribing to Merit Concierge Plan, you can get the guidance and resources you need.