Canada celebrates Welcoming Week 2023

The statement was released by Marc Miller, who holds the esteemed title of Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

“By welcoming individuals in search of a brighter future, we invite the integration of these individuals into our communities. Thereby contributing to the advancement of Canada’s societal strength. Except for Indigenous populations, who have inhabited this land since ancient times, all Canadians have a lineage that can be traced back to immigration. Regardless of whether your family has lived here for multiple generations, like mine, or has recently become a part of Canada. We can collectively rejoice in the advantages of a welcoming and inclusive community.

We need to provide a hospitable reception to new individuals. This allows us  to contribute to the growth, variety, and inclusivity of our communities, thereby ensuring their success. Starting today until September 17, we will join the global Welcoming Week festivities. Wherein we seize the chance to acknowledge and honor the individuals and principles that create a sense of belonging in local communities.”

Welcoming Week is an international initiative that unites diverse communities and neighbors to foster strong bonds and attain shared success.

Being a country that embraces and welcomes others yields considerable advantages. Immigration has played a significant role in fueling our economic growth. It forms a crucial component of our strategy to tackle the challenges posed by our aging population. Immigrants in Canada are crucial to driving innovation in various industries, bridging labor market gaps, and contributing to job creation, making them an integral part of Canada’s cultural and economic landscape.

I encourage you to demonstrate your community or organization’s achievements on social media using the hashtag #WelcomingWeek2023. By showcasing these achievements within our communities, we can inspire others to create a more inclusive atmosphere in their own communities. For numerous individuals, coming to this place is merely the beginning of their journey towards obtaining Canadian citizenship. We can offer valuable assistance in navigating their initial stages. I hope that everyone experiences a fantastic Welcoming Week.

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