Major Investment Fuels Nova Scotia’s Newcomer Services!

Preparation and support services provided before arrival are crucial to ensuring the success of new immigrants in Canada. Smartly, they offer newcomers the necessary information and assistance to make well-informed choices regarding their new life in Canada beforehand, ultimately aiding in a smooth transition to their communities and quicker employment attainment.

Andy Fillmore, Member of Parliament for Halifax, announced today that the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) will receive an investment of almost $6. 8. This funding, provided by Minister Sean Fraser, will support ISANS in delivering vital pre-arrival services to newly-arrived immigrants. This is a component of a broader announcement made on May 11, 2023, concerning extending funding for settlements.

This organization provides initiatives to support newcomers in making informed choices and starting their settlement journey. They offer employment training and preparation programs to help individuals arrive well-equipped to integrate into their new community smoothly.

Investing in pre-arrival services and institutions such as ISANS benefits both newcomers and families who are becoming part of Canada’s varied communities, fostering their growth while also bolstering the country’s economy.

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