Minister Fraser’s Shocking Canada Day Revelation!

Today, Minister Sean Fraser, who holds an esteemed position as the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, delivered the subsequent declaration.

Canada is the most remarkable nation on Earth.

On this 156th anniversary of Confederation, I extend my best wishes to all Canadians on Canada Day and acknowledge the timeless presence of Indigenous peoples as the original inhabitants of this land. Furthermore, I offer a heartfelt greeting to those observing their inaugural Canada Day as recent citizens. Your presence as a new citizen greatly enriches today’s joyous celebrations.

Today, at various national events, we eagerly prepare to receive more than a thousand individuals who will be granted citizenship. Today, I am privileged to join many individuals in extending a warm welcome to 9 individuals from 9 distinct nations who have become Canadian citizens. This heartfelt reception takes place during a Toronto Blue Jays game. Sharing this significant and emotional milestone in a wide-reaching platform with numerous individuals is a fantastic chance. These are the moments that fill me with pride for being Canadian.

Each year, there is an increasing number of Canadian citizens who participate in celebrating Canada Day. Canada is delighted to have surpassed its citizenship targets in 2022, welcoming approximately 364,000 fresh Canadian citizens.

New arrivals have a crucial impact on addressing the lack of workers, contributing fresh ideas and skills to our communities, and enhancing our society. They are contributing significantly to developing a more diverse, inclusive, and prosperous Canada. I am excited and optimistic about experiencing another remarkable year.

We should take great pride in calling this nation our home, and I feel a strong sense of pride. In our country, individuals can dream ambitiously and accomplish their aspirations, regardless of their magnitude. I urge every one of you to join in the festivities today and embrace the company of your loved ones, close friends, and fellow Canadians.

“Wishing you a delightful celebration on Canada Day. “

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