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On the 31st of May, 2023, Ottawa will prioritize immigration as a vital measure to tackle the abundance of job openings nationwide. The Canadian government is aware of this situation. It is trying to create an immigration system that fosters economic growth, supports businesses, tackles labor shortages, and enhances French communities. These collaborative endeavours aim to ensure Canadians’ well-being and financial stability in the coming years.

Today, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Sean Fraser, announced an innovative and pioneering introduction of category-driven selection for Express Entry. It is Canada’s foremost economic immigration administration system. Canada has introduced a fresh strategy that enables it to extend invitations to potential permanent citizens. This is based on their specific skills, training, or proficiency in the language. In the upcoming weeks, we will reveal further details about the timing of invitations for particular categories and the process for submitting applications.

In the current year, candidates with excellent skills in the French language or extensive experience in particular sectors. Sectors, including healthcare, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, trades, transportation, and agriculture/agri-food, are given priority in the category-based selection process. The practice of selecting workers based on their skills aligns with Canada’s promise of facilitating the immigration of skilled professionals, which promotes their integration into various communities across the country. The Canadian government gives significant attention to encouraging Francophone immigration, which in turn facilitates the growth and development of French-speaking communities within Canada. This policy ensures that these communities can comfortably sustain their language of preference while residing in the country.

Opting for a category-based selection

It boosts the agility of Canada’s Express Entry system towards the ever-changing requirements of the labor market. This approach builds on the prevailing strategy of emphasizing the significance of skilled human capital in the country’s economic immigration system. Overall, these objectives aim to recruit capable individuals who can assimilate and add value to Canada’s forthcoming development.

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