New Resident Pathway for Palestinian extended family in Gaza

In the past couple of months, a severe humanitarian crisis has unfolded in Gaza. Recognizing Canadians’ concerns for their loved ones in this country, Canada, introduced a new resident pathway and measure. The goal is to assist extended family members to leave the area.

Recently, was announced the launch of a temporary resident pathway for extended family members in Gaza with Canadian citizens or permanent resident relatives.

This initiative offers a short-term refuge for Palestinians directly impacted by the Gaza crisis. However, they must have Canadian citizens or permanent resident family members in Canada willing to support them. Eligible family members encompass spouses, common-law partners, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Upon arriving in Canada, eligible individuals can apply for a fee-exempt study permit or open work permit, as previously outlined. Therefore, this enables them to better sustain themselves in Canada during the ongoing crisis in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Additionally, they are entitled to three months of health coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program. This Aims to address immediate medical needs upon arrival, along with Merit Connect like language training. Moreover, will be provided assistance in connecting with the job market and local community too.

Canada is actively collaborating with regional partners to facilitate the departure of Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible family members, including those covered by the new pathway. However, leaving Gaza remains exceptionally challenging, and feasibility may be hindered by entry and exit requirements set by countries and other entities in the region. Applicants able to exit Gaza must also fulfill all admissibility requirements, including providing biometrics, before approval to enter Canada.

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