New Canadian Immigration Processing Centre in Romania

Canada remains a perfect destination for those seeking new opportunities, whether for work, study, travel, or settling with their families. Responding to the surging global demand, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is actively addressing the need for faster processing times and enhanced client service with a new immigration processing centre.

A couple of weeks ago, the Canadian government unearthed the establishment of a new global operations centre in Romania, situated within the Embassy of Canada in Bucharest. The center will be staffed by 20 new employees, a mix of Canada-based and locally-engaged staff, marking IRCC’s second global operations centre outside Canada—the first having opened in the Philippines in March.

Given that, these immigration processing centre, working across time zones, complement Canada’s existing processing network, boosting IRCC’s overall system capacity. The initiative aligns with IRCC’s commitment to evolving its immigration system to meet the changing dynamics and complexities of global migration trends.

Moreover, the government emphasized the significance of immigration in driving Canada’s economic growth and prosperity. Therefore, the expansion of global operations centers is a strategic move to enhance processing capabilities and client services. The purpose is to facilitate a more efficient and responsive approach to talent acquisition on the global stage.

That being said, Canada continues joining forces to bring more people and offer a wide variety of opportunities to individuals around the world. We want to support all newcomers with the best professionals. Therefore, please check our vendors who can guide your immigration journey in the best way possible and book a free online initial meeting with us to guide your path.