Nurse Practitioners in Alberta: A New Program is Coming for You

Too many Albertans struggle to find a family doctor. Alberta’s government supports primary healthcare by empowering Nurse Practitioners in Alberta to open clinics. Usually, this professionals can provide 80% of the medical services that a family physician offers, ensuring easier access to healthcare.

Nurse Practitioners, trained extensively, will contribute significantly to the primary care system’s capacity. Therefore, the compensation model, aims to encourage Nurse Practitioners to operate independently. A $2-million grant supports the Nurse Practitioner Association of Alberta in implementing the compensation model. This model has the potential to add healthcare capacity across the province, benefiting many Albertans.

This project is expecting to launch in early 2024, and those who want to apply will be asked to submit and expression of interest. Furthermore, this model is expected to include the payment for a specified number of clinical hours, number of patients and some others.

Nurse Practitioners in Alberta opting into the compensation model qualify for caseload supports. A $57-million support program helps manage increasing patient caseloads. The plan is expecting that each provider has the potential to get up to $10,000 annually.

Moreover, the new nurse practitioner model will improve and expands rural healthcare deliveries, addressing the needs of healthcare professionals in rural areas. This initiative ensures rural Albertans better access to primary healthcare. Alberta’s government collaborates with healthcare associations for successful compensation model implementation.

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