Regain Status or Return to Canada: Inadmissibility Fees Increased


Starting December 1, 2023, application fees for foreign nationals seeking to restore their status or return to Canada after being deemed inadmissible will apply adjustments following the Service Fees Act (SFA), reflecting changes in the Consumer Price Index:

FeeCurrent FeeNew Fee
(December 1, 2023)
Authorization to return to Canada$400.00$459.55
Rehabilitation – Inadmissible on the grounds of criminality$200.00$229.77
Rehabilitation – Inadmissible on the grounds of serious criminality$1,000.00$1,148.87
Restore your status as a visitor, worker or student$200.00$229.77
Restore your status as a worker and get a new work permit$355.00$384.77
Restore your status as a student and get a new study permit$350.00$379.77
Temporary resident permit$200.00$229.77

*Values are taken from Canada’s official website. 

These adjustments, accounting for inflation since April 2018, will be an annual occurrence every December 1.

Moreover, in cases where service standards aren’t met, applicants submitting complete applications on or after December 1, 2023, may receive partial refunds, or remissions, as outlined in the Departmental Remission Policy. This policy details fees governed by the Service Fees Act, their associated service standards, and the process for issuing refunds when standards are unmet.

Notably, clients need not initiate contact with the department for remission requests. Remissions will typically be processed by July 1 of the subsequent fiscal year (April 1 to March 31), using the original payment method or via cheque for non-online payments.

Learn about the Service Fees Act

Enacted in 2017 to replace the User Fees Act, this act introduces essential measures for various government services. These include annual fee adjustments aligned with inflation, the establishment of service standards for all services, and the issuance of partial refunds when service standards are not met.

The implementation of the SFA enhances transparency, accountability, and predictability in government service fees, ensuring that fees accurately mirror the costs associated with service delivery.

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