Canada’s First Express Entry for French Speakers!

The presence of the French language significantly shapes the Canadian identity. We all have a collective duty to build a Canada where individuals can thrive in the official language they prefer. To prioritize the growth and strength of French-speaking minority communities in Canada, adjustments have been made to the Express Entry system. These changes aim to create a more convenient and effective route for French-speaking immigrants. Canada focuses on inviting French-speaking newcomers to support economic growth through Francophone immigration in regions outside of Quebec. This approach acknowledges the positive impact it has on enhancing and empowering these communities.

On May 31, Minister Fraser introduced modifications to Express Entry by implementing selection based on specific categories. These modifications effectively tackle the problem of a lack of workforce by encouraging individuals with relevant work experience or fluency in French to seek permanent residency, which aligns with a targeted economic objective.

Today, Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor, representing Minister Sean Fraser, made a significant announcement regarding the inaugural Francophone round for category-based selection. This emphasis on supporting French-speaking immigrants will facilitate promoting the French language and tackle workforce deficiencies in regions beyond Quebec.

The selection based on category reflects Canada’s dedication to attracting highly skilled international workers and fulfilling the demand for French-speaking and bilingual employees for economic growth. Additionally, this supports the diverse cultural and linguistic richness of the communities where Francophone immigrants make valuable contributions. In addition to the regular invitation rounds, there will be ongoing selection rounds based on specific categories throughout the year. Further information about these rounds will be provided in the upcoming weeks. Read More 

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