News To Canada- Quebec Agreement: Great Funds Revealed

Exciting News. The government of Canada will provide Quebec with funding for the 2023–2024 fiscal year. This financial support is part of the ongoing Canada– Quebec agreement on Immigration.

Therefore, the funding allocated for the 2023–2024 fiscal year, totalling $775.1 million, represents a significant investment in Quebec’s immigration infrastructure.

This financial support, including an indexation payment of $48.3 million, is crucial for sustaining settlement services and facilitating the seamless integration of newcomers into Quebec’s diverse communities.

Over the years, the Government of Canada has consistently demonstrated its commitment to Quebec’s immigration goals through the Canada– Quebec agreement. Since 2015, Quebec has received substantial funding amounting to $4.4 billion, a testament to the ongoing collaboration and shared objectives between the federal and provincial governments.

Moreover, this latest allocation of funds reaffirms the commitment to fostering a fair and equitable partnership between Canada and Quebec. It reflects a mutual dedication to ensuring the successful integration of newcomers, promoting linguistic and cultural diversity, and bolstering Quebec’s economy.

Last but not least, the continued support provided under the Canada– Quebec agreement underscores the importance of collaboration in achieving immigration objectives. Also, advancing the well-being of Quebecers.

Through sustained investment and cooperation, both governments are working together to build stronger, more inclusive communities across Quebec. Please contact us today to get the best Immigration Settlement Services across Canada.