Canada the 2nd Best Country in the World – 2023

According to a recent survey by the U.S., Canada has been ranked as the runner-up country globally in 2023. News from WPP, a communications company, and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

In the rankings for the Best Countries of 2023, the United States. News analyzed multiple factors, including a country’s military strength, economic capabilities, and the overall well-being of its inhabitants. This assessment encompasses 87 nations and relies on data collected from over 17,000 individuals worldwide.

The survey participants were also requested to link countries with different attributes in ten separate categories, such as influence, cultural significance, historical legacy, and societal effect. The rankings of the world’s top countries, as well as numerous other rankings, were developed based on the scores obtained from these associations.

According to the report, Canada’s agility to propel helps it to surpass Germany and secure the second spot in this year’s rankings. Nevertheless, in 2023, it remains second to Switzerland as the leading country globally. Canada has also achieved top five rankings in three other sub-rankings, including the sub-ranking for quality of life. Moreover, the nation stands out by achieving top rankings in different aspects, such as promoting fairness among different races.

Switzerland maintains its top ranking as the best country globally, marking its second consecutive year at the top and sixth overall.

This compact European country excels in the sub-ranking of “Open for Business,” demonstrating its impressive economic strength. Switzerland continues to rank within the top 10 in four additional sub-rankings, and it also holds the first position in the category concerning people’s perceptions of safety within a country.

Sweden has successfully attained the number one position. The third spot demonstrates a remarkable jump of two positions from its previous ranking. In 2022, achieving the 5th position in terms of ranking.

Sweden has achieved outstanding results, including taking the top spot in the rankings. 1st place in two subcategories, namely social significance and standard of living. The nation also holds a significant position within the top 10 in three additional sub-rankings.

Australia, following in the footsteps of Sweden, achieved the fourth position, demonstrating noteworthy progress by advancing three spots compared to the previous year’s standings.

The United States, Canada’s neighboring country, has seen a minor decline in its ranking. It currently stands in fifth place, which is slightly lower than its position in 2022.