Canada’s Immigration: Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Union

Immigration ministers decided to join in Toronto to strategize a collaborative approach, emphasizing economic alignment with labor market needs in Canada’s Immigration.

The whole idea is to promote a welcoming experience for newcomers, acknowledging diversity’s contributions to Canada’s system. First, the key themes from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s recent report shows up the importance of working on a coordinated growth plan among federal and provincial-territorial partners. The plan wants to support immigrants and communities, addressing challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, they emphasises that Federal and Provincial – Territorial Immigration is vital to attract and retain newcomers outside of large urban centres.

The discussion also focused on the 2024-2026 Immigration Levels Plan, prioritizing the economic immigration, family union, and humanitarian commitments. Provinces advocated for increased Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) representation in immigration planning. The dialogue explored ways to streamline foreign credential recognition processes, enhance client-centred economic immigration systems, and collaborate on refugee resettlement proposals. The ministers emphasized addressing housing, infrastructure, and social service challenges to support successful newcomer integration and adaptation to Canadian culture too.

Moreover, the gathering discussed the International Student Program growth, student vulnerability, program importance, and aligning work permit programs with provincial-territorial labor market needs. The discussion concluded with a the need of also attracting francophone newcomers and reviewing the 2018 FPT Action Plan for Increasing Francophone Immigration Outside of Quebec to enhance support for French-speaking immigrants in Canada.

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