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Yukon is a territory in Northwest Canada. It is the place of mountains, forests, rivers, and glaciers is enough to energize your soul. 

It is the best place for outdoor adventures, participating in cultural events and festivals while studying you’ll find it in the Yukon.


  1. Skilled Worker: If you have a job offer and completed studies from Yukon, you might be eligible to file an application under this category.


  1. Critical Impact Worker: Must have job offer in NOC C, D and should demonstrate 6 months of experience in the same field.


  1. Business Applicant: Net worth required under Business category is $500,000 with $300,000 in liquid assets.


  1. Express Entry: Express Entry for Yukon is similar to other provinces. Must create an EE profile and have job seeker code.


  1. Community Pilot Program: To apply for pilot program, one must have 2-3 part time job offers from up to 3 different employers.

For more details on requirement and Eligibility, Yukon