Work Permit Without LMIA

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LMIA is not always required for a closed work permit. In some cases, this requirement is waived.

International Agreement: Canada has a mutual understanding and formal agreement with different countries. Following are some of the examples:

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Other programs which do not require LMIA are

  1.   Intra-company transfer: For temporary transfer of an employee who is an executive, manager, or special knowledge worker and works with a foreign company who has a good relationship with a company in Canada.
  2.   International Exchange Program: Programs such as International Experience Canada does not require LMIA.
  3.   Dependents of Foreign Workers: Spouses and children of foreign national, who is present in Canada on a valid permit, can apply for an open work permit for their dependents.
  4.   Academics: This includes researchers, Visiting professors, and lecturers.