Ontario Proposes Ban on Canadian Work Experience in Job Postings

The Ontario government plans significant changes to assist internationally-trained immigrants in their career pursuits. Proposed legislation would eliminate the requirement for Canadian work experience in job postings, positioning Ontario as the first province in Canada to remove this barrier. This allows qualified candidates to advance in the interview process, following landmark legislation prohibiting discriminatory Canadian work experience requirements in licensing for over 30 occupations, effective December 2023.

The objective of this event is to ensure newcomers secure well-paying and significant careers, effectively addressing the labor shortage. This year, Ontario plans to nominate 16,500 immigrants for permanent residence through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), focusing on critical sectors like healthcare and skilled trades.

Additionally, the government aims to increase the eligibility of international students applying to the OINP by revising criteria for hundreds of one-year college graduate certificate programs across the province. Furthermore, Ontario has communicated to the federal government the importance of the province having more influence in selecting economic immigrants destined for Ontario.

Removing Canadian Work Experience from Job Postings also seeks to enhance accountability in assessing international qualifications by regulated professions like accountants, architects, and geoscientists. This ensures assessments are conducted rightly, transparently, and fairly. As the province welcoming the highest number of immigrants annually, Ontario anticipates that enabling internationally-trained newcomers to work in their studied professions could boost the province’s GDP by up to $100 billion over five years.

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