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Northwest Territories

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Northwest Territories is Situated in northern Canada between Yukon and Nunavut, it is a land with extreme beauty and opportunities as it is the site of intense economic activity such as  Diamond mining, oil and gas industries. The market forecasts 28,500 to 36,700 job openings in the NWT over the next 12 years. It also offers adventure opportunities such as hiking, canoeing, flightseeing etc. 



  1. Requirements for Skilled Worker and Express Entry: Should have a profile in Express entry under one of the eligible programs.


  1. For Semi-skilled workers: The only difference in this category is that the job offer could be in NOC C or D and should have worked for 6 months before applying.


  1. Entrepreneur: Ownership requirement is 33.33% and investment required is $1,000,000.


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