Additional Funding to Help With Asylum Seekers Housing

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The Interim Housing Assistance Program (IHAP) will receive an additional $362.4 million in funding from the Canadian government for the 2023–2024 budget year. The purpose of this assistance is to alleviate the rise in shelter space demand that provinces and municipalities are facing as a result of the growing number of asylum seekers in Canada. In order to address the extreme pressure on interim housing brought on by the increase in asylum claims, the Canadian government funds provincial and local governments through the Infrastructure and Housing Program (IHAP) on a cost-sharing basis.

This financial infusion will support areas dealing with an unexpected surge of refugees and help keep asylum seekers from becoming homeless. The $212 million in national financing that was allotted through IHAP last summer is expanded upon by this statement.

The Government of Canada recognizes the social and infrastructure pressures facing our communities. It also will continue to work with provinces and municipalities to better respond to the number of people seeking asylum in Canada. The Government of Canada will continue to work together at all levels of government to find long-term solutions.

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