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Manitoba is popular for its diverse economy and high employment rates, it has a vibrant culture with plenty of natural beauty. One can get a world class education in this province while sustaining themselves with a high standard living that costs less than other major cities in Canada.

  1. Skilled Worker Overseas:
    1. Express Entry: A person having experience for six months in in-demand occupation can apply.


  1. Human Capital:  If a person does not have experience in in-demand occupation then they can apply in Human Capital Stream


  1. Work Experience Category: If the duration of experience is 6 months then the job must be related to studies and comes under in-demand occupation. If the duration of experience is 12 months, then it need not be related to studies.


  1. Graduate Internship: Should have Masters or PhD from Manitoba along with an internship.


  1. Student Entrepreneur Stream: If a person owns more than 50% in business and has worked as a senior manager for 6 months before nomination, you are eligible to apply.


  1. Entrepreneur: Investment required is $250,000 within Manitoba Capital Region and $150,000 outside Regina. Also, minimum ownership of the applicant should be 33.33%


  1. Farm Investor: Must have farm ownership and work experience for 3 years before applying. 


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