LMIA Process in Canada: Guide for Job Seekers and Employers

LMIA Process in Canada

Getting a work permit from a Canadian company is one of the most desirable immigration pathways. Given that, understanding the LMIA Process in Canada is crucial. The LMIA, meaning Labour Market Impact Assessment, is a process that evaluates the relevance of hiring an employer from abroad in the Canadian labour market. Basically, employers must ensure that no Canadian worker is readily available to fill the position.

Starting an LMIA Application as an Employer

First, the LMIA process begins with the application. Detail the job requirements, responsibilities and the qualifications required. Be specific explaining the efforts you made to recruit locally. Because of that, you will showcase the commitment to hiring talents from abroad only when there is a need.

In addition, the employer must follow and meet the advertising requirements. Seeing that, the company needs to promote actively the job within Canada. This will demonstrate the real effort to hire locally. Use different channels and document the advertising process closely. For further information, check here the full application process, work permit and LMIA exemption codes.

The LMIA Process as a Job Seeker

On the other hand, talents need to be focused on searching for LMIA-approved positions. Given that, check the ones that have received positive LMIAs and genuinely need a foreign worker. Then, spread your resume, however, don’t miss to personalize it according to each role. Importantly, emphasize your skills and match them with the specific job requirements.

Moreover, the cover letter is crucial too. In this document, you will explain your desire to be part of the company. Detailed how your professional experience and profile will contribute to the company and why they should hire you. Check if the job description needs specific knowledge and tools and explain your proficiency in managing them too.

In conclusion, LMIA success is collaborative hard work between employers and individuals. The goal of this program is to contribute to Canada’s job market in the best way possible. We understand it can be a confusing process, so don’t hesitate to register with us for free and get an agent to resolve all your inquiries.

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