Information and Consent Form - Immigrant Families
  • Information and Consent Form - Immigrant Families

  • Information and Consent Form

  • Purpose of the Immigration Platform:
    The purpose of the Platform is to provide comprehensive support and guidance to international students and immigrants in Canada. The platform offers various services, including academic support, career guidance, settlement services, and more.

    Description of Participation:
    As a participant in the Platform, I understand that I will have access to a range of services, resources, and support to enhance my experience in Canada. This may include assistance with academic pursuits, career advice, settlement support, and guidance on immigration-related matters.

    Confidentiality and Data Protection:
    I understand that the personal information collected during my participation in the Platform will be kept confidential and used only for the purposes outlined in the platform's policies. My data will be protected in accordance with relevant privacy laws and regulations.

    Voluntary Participation:
    I acknowledge that my participation in the Platform is entirely voluntary, and I am free to withdraw my participation at any time without penalty.

    Informed Consent:
    I understand the nature of the platform, the services it offers, and the potential benefits it provides. I agree to participate voluntarily and understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time.

    I agree to the use of the data collected during my participation on the Platform for research and improvement purposes, while maintaining my anonymity and confidentiality.