New Measures to Enhance Francophone Community in Canada

Canada’s Government shared a range of initiatives to boost Francophone immigration across Canada, excluding Quebec. These steps, part of the Action Plan for Official Languages, aim to enhance the economic growth of the Francophone community while addressing labour needs.

First of all, the new policy focuses on the vitality and economic development of Francophone minority communities. It introduces short-, medium–, and long-term actions to restore and increase the demographic weight of these communities. Measures include promotion, recruitment support, and addressing labour shortages through specific business lines. Additionally, the policy will oversee a new program and measures dedicated to Francophone economic immigration.

Moreover, renewing and expanding this initiative provides funding for 14 existing communities to integrate French-speaking newcomers. The expansion allows up to 10 more communities to create environments supporting economic and socio-cultural integration for French-speaking newcomers.

Therefore, this new program funds innovative projects eliminating barriers to Francophone immigration. It facilitates participation in international promotion initiatives. Also, it aids in recruiting French-speaking candidates, promoting easier integration into the Francophone community.

Action Plan for Official Languages 2023-2028

Backed by an investment of over $137 million, this plan supports all the announced measures. It signifies the federal government’s strong commitment to the vitality of Francophone minority communities.

Canada’s government highlighted that the target of 4.4% French-speaking resident admissions outside Quebec was surpassed in December 2023, reaching approximately 4.7% from January to December 2023. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will confirm the complete 2023 statistics by February 2024. Ambitious targets for the next three years include 6% in 2024, 7% in 2025, and 8% in 2026 for Francophone immigrant admissions outside Quebec.

These initiatives aim to strengthen, foster long-term growth, and enhance the vitality of the Francophone community outside Quebec. The Government of Canada will continue collaborating with provinces, territories, and key stakeholders to fortify these communities.

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