Free Replacement Docs & Flood Relief for Nova Scotia!

The Government of Canada is swiftly coming to the aid of Nova Scotia as it grapples with extreme flooding. They’re providing critical assistance to both communities and their residents. This encompasses assistance for Canadians and individuals who will play a crucial role in the reconstruction endeavor.

Today, Minister Sean Fraser, Refugees and Citizenship Minister, unveiled special provisions for individuals affected by floods. These measures aim to assist those who require documentation replacements or seek extensions or rejuvenation of their Canadian residency status.

IRCC will provide complimentary replacement documents to individuals in Nova Scotia, including Canadians, permanent residents, and temporary residents who the floods have directly impacted. The items affected by this natural disaster are documents like permanent resident cards, proof of citizenship, Canadian citizenship certificates, Canadian passports, and other travel documents which are lost, damaged, destroyed, or are currently not accessible.

International students, temporary foreign workers, and other individuals impacted by the flooding in Nova Scotia, whose status in Canada expires on November 30, 2023, can apply at no cost to renew or extend their status. This implies that temporary workers don’t have to be concerned if their workplace is closed because of the floods.  They will have the option to prolong their stay until their workplace resumes operations. Furthermore, international students can prolong their study permits if their courses are delayed or cancelled. Thus allowing them to complete their studies without facing any negative consequences.

These unique provisions will remain in place until November 30, 2023. They provide Canadians, as well as permanent and temporary residents, with the opportunity to address any paperwork or temporary status concerns. Consequently, it allows them to prioritize what truly matters – their loved ones, residences, and local communities.