Canada Celebrates Francophone Immigration Week

On November 6th, National Francophone Immigration Week kicked off its 11th edition, centered around the theme ‘A welcoming land.

The celebration worked as a platform to reassure the significance of Francophone immigration to Canada, inviting the nation to rejoice in the cultural diversity that defines the country.

In a recent announcement, the updated admissions targets for French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec were disclosed. With set targets of 6% for 2024, 7% for 2025, and 8% for 2026, Canada demonstrates its dedication to fortifying the vitality of Francophone minority communities, putting the attention to labor needs, and reinstating the demographic influence of Francophones.

The Department has actively engaged in consultations on the new Francophone immigration policy, collaborating with provinces, territories, and Francophone community representatives. This policy, to be launched soon under the modernized Official Languages Act, will delineate the approach to supporting the development of Francophone communities outside Quebec.

Acknowledging the contributions of partners and recognizing the importance of support within provinces, territories, and Francophone communities, these efforts underscore the Government of Canada’s commitment to the overall success of Francophone newcomers and the protection of the French language as a vital part of Canada’s identity.

National Francophone Immigration Week is as an opportunity to receive Francophone newcomers who have chosen Canada as their new home. The week encourages Canadians to reflect on the value of French-speaking immigrants, urging warm and compassionate welcome. Happy National Francophone Immigration Week to all!