Canada Promises and Partnerships at Global Refugee Forum

Globally, more than 114 million people are forced to leave their homes, and one-third of them are refugees. Canada promises and feels a responsibility to act and set an example in helping those in need. The country leads by protecting the most vulnerable, aiding host countries, and creating opportunities beyond resettlement through skills-based paths.

This past December, Canada participated in the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva. Being not only presented but also endorsed various pledges to address the global refugee crisis.

Following Canada’s recent effort to welcome over 40,000 vulnerable Afghans, the government set up $21 million for the International Organization for Migration (IOM). This funding supports vulnerable Afghan populations in Central Asia and Pakistan, helping these neighbouring countries better support and respond to their needs.

Canada plans to resettle over 136,000 refugees in the next 3 years, therefore committed to protecting the world’s most vulnerable, including women in precarious situations, ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTQI+ community members, Rohingya refugees, and human rights defenders.

Canada promises to use also complementary pathways, making the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot a permanent economic immigration program. Additionally, aims to explore an education pathway for eligible refugee and displaced students to study in Canada, expanding complementary pathways globally.

Canada co-sponsored the Securing Sustainable Futures mega-pledge, ensuring quality education for all refugee children, and supporting well-backed national education systems. This reflects the commitment to working with global partners and amplifying the voices of refugees.

Recognizing the impact of climate change, Canada provided funding for the IOM to assist Mexico in addressing migration, disasters, climate change, and environmental degradation. This includes developing a methodology to collect data on migration, environment, and climate change for potential policy actions.

The pledges to the Global Refugee Forum showcase Canada’s ongoing leadership in providing humanitarian assistance globally. They Focus not only on immediate needs like food and nutrition assistance but also on long-term development assistance and advocacy for displaced people and host communities in various regions.

Building on the momentum gained from the Global Refugee Forum, Canada will continue to work internationally to find better solutions for refugees and support the communities and countries hosting them.

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