Canada doubles resettlement spaces for human rights defenders

Human rights defenders (HRDs) are actively present in all corners of the globe, fulfilling a crucial function in advocating for and protecting human rights globally. Regrettably, HRDs in numerous nations are encountering growing dangers of violence, threats, and unjust treatment. Consequently, their forced displacement is due to safety concerns and inability to return to their residences.

Today, Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, declares the enlargement of the worldwide stream for human rights defenders.  As a matter of fact, resulting in a twofold increase in the available resettlement spots from 250 to 500 for HRDs and their families. This endeavor demonstrates Canada’s firm dedication to offering a safe haven for individuals who bravely champion justice. It firmly believes that no one should face persecution for standing up for essential liberties.

Canada, renowned for its enduring commitment to supporting those in need, remained the leading nation worldwide in terms of resettling individuals in vulnerable situations for the fourth consecutive year. In 2022, Canada extended a warm welcome to more than 47,500 refugees from 80 different countries. Canada’s commitment to supporting and protecting at-risk human rights defenders (HRDs) is evident in its efforts to expand the global refugee flow for them and collaborate with civil society organizations, as part of its ministerial mandate commitment.

Additionally, to fulfill Canada’s dedication to human rights defenders (HRDs), we will actively collaborate with Canadian civil society groups in the upcoming months to establish a short-term safeguard mechanism for HRDs facing difficulties.

By offering efficient assistance to HRDs around the globe, we foster a secure atmosphere.  for them to sustain their crucial endeavors, shielding them from any potential danger. Canada will support human rights defenders (HRDs) by offering them more opportunities to have permanent residency when it is unsafe for them to go back to their home countries. The country aims to empower these individuals in safeguarding the rights that everyone is entitled to through an extended global refugee program.