Asylum Seekers Rewarded with Unprecedented Housing Support!

Canada is a country that has been greatly influenced by immigration. Given the growing trend of international migration, Canada, much like other nations, is witnessing an uptick in the population seeking asylum. Although provinces and municipalities are responsible for providing housing and support to asylum claimants, the federal government acknowledges the importance of collaboration between all levels of government in finding solutions to meet the current need. The federal government has consistently been actively involved throughout the process.

Today, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser revealed funding to ensure affected communities can provide shelter for vulnerable asylum seekers seeking refuge in Canada.

The Interim Housing Assistance Program (IHAP), with a financial boost of around $212 million, acts as a one-time injection of funds. This funding extension will continue to support IHAP until March 31, 2024. This comprises around $97 million of fresh funding allocated to the City of Toronto. IHAP offers financial assistance, shared with provinces and municipalities, to cover the expenses of temporary housing for individuals seeking asylum. Today’s funding represents additional financial support, adding to the nearly $700 million that has already been allocated through the program. This includes a substantial amount of over $215 million specifically designated for the City of Toronto.

Aside from IHAP, IRCC has collaborated with heavily affected provinces and municipalities. Likewise, this collaboration enhances the quantity of temporary housing. Meanwhile, in July, the IRCC had approximately 3,800 hotel rooms in six provinces to offer short-term accommodation to asylum-seeking individuals.

Efficient collaboration and involvement among Canadian provinces are crucial in addressing the global migration issue. Moreover, the Canadian government is dedicated to working collectively towards identifying effective solutions. The federal government will collaborate strongly with provinces and municipalities. This ensures comprehensive governmental support for individuals seeking refuge in Canada.

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